Brian MacDonald was a customer turned friend.  Brian was a local musician with some national exposure.  When he heard the cruise night theme, he asked why he hadn’t been asked to  write one.  Brian proceeded to collaborate with Neal to write three songs.  Two of the songs appear here. Brian wrote the music and Neal wrote the lyrics.  Neal wrote’ “Everybody’s Cruisin’ Down To Neal’s Wheals.”  Brian changed it to, “All The Cats Are Cruisin’.”
All in all, Neal thought the songs were substandard.  However, he felt that with a little work, All The Cats Are Cruisin’ had potential.  So Neal changed some lyrics. Brian arranged for better musicians, a better studio and sound engineer.  He picked-up the tempo. He eliminated Neal’s cameo guitar part and added his harmonica part.  Lastly, Brian insisted that Neal sing the song.
All The Cats Are Cruisin’ (Final)
All The Cats Are Cruisin’ (Original)
Cruise Night At Neal’s Wheals